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Track Listing

    1. Obsecration Parts A to D
a. Play My Guitar
b. Obligato
c. Continuation
d. Legato
    1. A Rumble with Seven Parts and Lap Dissolve
    2. Rock and Roll Sunset
    3. Dreamtide
a. Statement
b. Refrain
    1. Goin’ to Louisianna
    2. Congratulateonies

Bonus Tracks:
Solo Single, December 1975

    1. Do You Believe in Magic (A-side)
    2. Love Lost on Dream-Tides (B-side)

Lobby Loyde & Southern Electric Too Poor to Die EP
(Previously Unreleased)

    1. Gypsy in My Soul
    2. Too Poor to Die
    3. Desperate for a Quid
    4. Fist of Is
a. At the Colosseum
b. The Fist Falls


Featuring an incredibly eclectic and diverse assortment of music, all up a magnificent album of guitar explorations and textures, a thematic collection of riffs, runs, rhythms and timing shifts taking the listener through a wide range of moods and styles. If anything, it lacked a commercial focus but as we’ve seen Loyde was well and truly beyond working within commercial considerations at the time. One thing is certain: his beautiful, at times heavy yet always unique psych-rock guitar work is the main feature throughout.

Package Contents

Obsecration is packaged in a 6 panel digi-pak, with liner notes by Ian McFarlane and Glenn Terry, digitally remastered, has 6 bonus tracks and many rare photos.