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Track Listing

    1. Captain Straightman
    2. I’ve Cried Over You
    3. You Look After Me, I Look After You
    4. Moving With Rock
    5. Early Morning
    6. Mothers and Fathers
    7. Just For You
    8. Sunny Day
    9. Bow My Head
    10. Mister Man

Bonus Tracks

  1. It Won’t’ Be Long (Live at Bill Armstrong Studios, 1973)
  2. Moving With Rock (Live at Bill Armstrong Studios, 1973)
  3. The Many Successes Of Baron Waste (Live at Bill Armstrong Studios, 1973)
  4. Captain Straightman (Live at Camberwell Civic Centre, 1973)


By 1972, piano player extraordinaire Warren ‘Pig’ Morgan had performed a key role in the careers of two of Australia’s most legendary blues-rock bands, Chain & Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs. He’d been a founder member of Chain in 1968, and had been instrumental in helping Thorpie establish his reputation as one of the wildest and heaviest blues-rockers of the day.

Initially a solo project, it soon became a collaborative effort after Warren asked Billy Thorpe to join in. Christening themselves “Thump’n Pig & Puff’n Billy”, they then enlisted the talents of another Aztec (Gil Matthews) and 2 members of Chain (Phil Manning and Barry Sullivan) to record the LP they called “Downunda”. The single Captain Straightman became a much loved hit.

Package Content

Remastered by Gil Matthews, deluxe digi-pak version also features 4 bonus live tracks, 16 page booklet with rare photos and liner notes by noted Australian rock author Ian McFarlane.