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Track Listing

    1. Pineapple
    2. Gee Willikers
    3. Own Way Of Living
    4. Red Hot Red Rag
    5. D.Blues (Mama Roll)
    6. Get It On
    7. Boppin' The Blues
    8. Lay Down Lady

Bonus Tracks - Singles 1972-73

  1. Boppin' The Blues
  2. Find Somebody To Love
  3. Slippin' And Slidin'
  4. Fly On My Nose


The 1972 live album, augmented with 4 bonus tracks, including 'Boppin' The Blues' and 'Slippin' and Slidin'.

One of the most enduring Aussie hits of the Seventies is Blackfeather's September 1972 Number One single: 'Boppin'The Blues'.

Blackfeather's timeless hit was also the name of their second album. However, the LP was a actually hastily recorded live album, made to cash in on their recent hit - and many who bought the LP were disappointed that the album version of 'Boppin The Blues' was not the same one that had dominated the charts (having said that, the album is actually a fine representation of Blackfeather MK2, with the unusual line-up of bass, drums, vocals & upright piano).

Well...we have reciified that! Not only does the remastering (by Gil Matthews) improve on the original album's hollow sound, we have added, as bonus tracks; the original hit single version of 'Boppin'...' and the excellent follow up 'Slippin And Slidin'. Interestingly, Matthews actually played on the hit single version (as a session drummer) - a role he reprised at the October 2009 Aztec Music Rock Of Ages show when he guested with Blackfeather.

Package Contents

Packaged in a deluxe 6 panel digi-pak, 24 page booklet with many rare photos and a recent interview with vocalist Neale Johns. Liner notes by noted Australian music writer Ian MacFarlane.