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Track Listing

Teenage Radio Stars

    1. Wanna Be Ya Baby
    2. Learned One

Wasted Daze

    1. Roadrunner
    2. Mona


    1. Let's Go
    2. Blonde And Bombed

The Survivors

    1. Baby Come Back
    2. Mr. Record Man

Boys Next Door

    1. These Boots Are Made For Walking
    2. Masturbation Generation
    3. Boy Hero


    1. Planet On The Prowl


    1. Three Glorious Years
    2. Valium

Bonus Tracks:

Teenage Radio Stars

  1. Sweet Boredom
  2. Wanna Be Ya Baby (video clip)


The infamous late 70's punk/new wave/power pop (they kept changing their mind on what it was...) compilation Lethal Weapons was a tentative major label funded foray into the emergent Australian punk movement. It was short lived and much maligned, (apparently, they didn’t “mean it man!”) but was an important release in that it contains the earliest recordings of, amongst others: The Boys Next Door ( Nick Cave / Birthday Party), Teenage Radio Stars (Sean Kelly & James Freud - Models), The Survivors (The New Christs), Jab (Models) and The Negatives (Sacred Cowboys).

Most of the bands would not last out the 1970’s, but, with so many of the individuals involved going on to significant careers, this album represents a fascinating glimpse into their beginnings.

Package Contents

Deluxe 6 panel Digipak, has been remastered from the original tapes, has liner notes by Ian McFarlane and a revealing essay on the origins (and demise) of the Suicide label by Glenn Terry.

There are 2 bonus tracks: the Teenage Radio Stars' non-LP b-side ‘Sweet Boredom’ and the Teenage Radio Stars' film clip for ‘I Wanna Be Ya Baby’.