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A1            –Steve Alaimo      Everyday I Have To Cry     2:22

A2            –Timi Yuro             What's A Matter Baby (Is It Hurting You) 2:37

A3            –Ben E. King          What A Difference A Day Makes   2:46

A4            –The Rouzan Sisters           Dance Every Dance With Me          2:21

A5            –Sue Perrin           Put A Ring On My Finger                   2:09

A6            –Bertha Tillman Lovin' Time            2:23

A7            –Betty Everett     I'll Be There            2:47

A8            –Jewel Akens        Wee Bit More Of Your Lovin'          1:41

A9            –The Nat Hendrix Band, Sugar Pie DeSanto                A Little Taste Of Soul          2:18

B1            –Otis Redding      Hey Hey Baby      2:36

B2            –Aretha Franklin                  Rough Lover        2:44

B3            –Ray Charles         Unchain My Heart              2:52

B4            –Sam Cooke         Having A Party    2:24

B5            –The Drifters        Sometimes I Wonder        2:21

B6            –The Valentinos Lookin' For A Love              2:25

B7            –Irma Thomas     I Done Got Over It              2:53

B8            –Charles Sheffield                It's Your Voodoo Working               1:50

B9            –Gladys Knight, The Pips Operator                2:13

C1            –The Profiles         Take A Giant Step (Walk On)            2:09

C2            –The Squires         Don't Accuse Me                 2:24

C3            –The Drapers       I Know Your Love Has Gone Away                 2:11

C4            –The Laddins        I'll Kiss Your Teardrops Away           2:15

C5            –Chuck Jackson Who's Gonna Pick Up The Pieces                   2:47

C6            –Sylvia Hill              No More Heart   2:23

C7            –Chyvonne Scott                You Lost Your Good Thing               2:10

C8            –Wally Cox            Come On Home                   2:16

C9            –Baby Washington             A Handful Of Memories   2:22

D1            –The Impressions                Little Young Lover               2:13

D2            –Jan Bradley         Mama Didn't Lie                  2:03

D3            –Mary B                  Something For You Baby                  2:47

D4            –Tommy Hunt    You're So Fine      2:05

D5            –The Radiants      One Day I'll Show You       2:43

D6            –Cicero Blake       Don't Do This To Me          1:57

D7            –Emorise Kelley   The Biggest Fool                   2:16

D8            –Sherri Taylor, Singin' Sammy Ward             Lover      2:55

D9            –Varetta Dillard, The Thomases     Fly By Night           2:31